Blue Topaz is a form of Topaz with a blue color center. Topaz is generally colorless and found in moderate quantities all over the world, it is an aluminum fluorosilicate. While Blue Topaz is perhaps the most popular type of Topaz, Topaz does come in a wide range of colors. Topaz can be found in colors such as yellow, brown and brownish green. Topaz can also come in Imperial Topaz colors. Imperial Topaz colors include the colors pink, orange, violet and the rarest of all red. Topaz contains aluminum and silicon among other elements, most notably iron. It is said that iron and other trace elements is what creates these remarkable colors. The reason for Topaz’s beautiful colors is the color center, these centers are not fully understood, but radiation either by heat or sunlight can affect the color of the Topaz. For instance, if you take a colorless piece of Topaz and heat it, it can in certain instances turn blue and 99.9% of commercially sold Blue Topaz has been irradiated. Blue Topaz is a glassy, transparent or translucent gemstone. It is generally very hard earning an 8 on the Moh’s hardness scales, however because of its near perfect cleavage, it can fracture extremely easily. It is important if you wear Topaz often, to be very gentle with it and protect it from hard impacts. Topaz can be cut into almost any shape and size. While the largest piece of Topaz every found, was from Brazil weighing over 6 kilograms, most Topaz found are only a few carats in size.

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