While Chrysocolla is not the most popular mineral around, it is quite beautiful. Chrysocolla is a mineral that is made from hydrated copper silicate. It is not that rare and can be found in many parts of the world including the Czech Republic, the Congo, Israel, Chili, Cornwall England and even in many states in the USA including Pennsylvania, Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico. For the most part, Chrysocolla comes in a bluish green color. Generally speaking the mineral can vary from very blue to very green in one piece of stone. It is often confused as turquoise and sometimes even sold to unsuspecting buyers as the more valuable turquoise. Chrysocolla can also come in the form of agataized Chrysocolla; this is when it is mixed with quartz, a mineral that is sometimes associated with it. When mixed it creates rings or spheres that are hard and can be polished to make beautiful ornamental jewelry. Chrysocolla comes in large sizes and generally forms as large crusts, deep in veins or stalactites. It comes in many shapes, but since it is very soft and fragile it is not able to be cut and used as other minerals. It should be noted that Chrysocolla has a very dull luster and to the touch can seem waxy. Some say it looks very earth and must be polished to get the best possible shine, which in most cases in sub par of other minerals. The mineral is transparent to opaque which does make it more compelling.

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