One of the most beautiful and rarest gemstones available today is the Spinel. While you might be able to find a gemstone called Spinel at your local jewelry stone, it is probably synthetic and only loosely based on the beautiful qualities of true Spinel. Spinel was usually associated with Rubies, due to the fact that large red Spinel were found in the same mines that Rubies were mined at. Since they had the same characteristics and practically looked the same to the naked eye, they were often believed to be Rubies. Many Spinels were worn by kings and queens throughout history and even are included on many priceless royal artifacts such as the Black Prince’s Ruby, the 170 carat red Spinel that is set in the Imperial State Crown of England and a Spinel is also part of some of the British Crown Jewels. Henry V even wore Spinel as part of a battle helmet. Besides red, Spinel comes in a wide variety of beautiful colors including green, blues, purples, orange, pink and a very prized hot pink. Spinel is associated with many other gemstones including tourmaline and garnets. They are all made from the elements iron, chromium, zinc and magnesium, however they have differing amounts. Some of these minerals can even include nickel and aluminum. Usually these differences will create specific colors and attributes. Today, you can find Spinel that is synthetic and usually created from synthetic Corundum. However, natural Spinel is definitely worth the price due to its natural beauty, rarity and wonderful attributes.

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